Global Call to Abolish Money

This is a global wake-up call for sheeple who still do not know that the governments issue FREE MONEY for governments themselves and cronies while the sheeple slave their whole lives for pennies.

During the recent G20 Summit in London, there were peaceful calls outside the Bank of England to ABOLISH MONEY. Yes, you heard me right. The monetary system is obsolete.

Technologies today, particularly those hidden from the sheeple's eyes, can AUTOMATE nearly everything. FREE energies power machines and robots which work freely therefore produce everything freely, obsoleting money altogether.

Only the sheeple who have been conditioned since birth to think that they can eat money when "the last fish is caught and the last tree is felled."

Sheeple, use your brains for once!


One Malaysia? Satu Malaysia?

After 52 years of independence, there are still hardcore poor without water and electricity. Compare this with the palaces. Selepas 52 tahun merdeka, masih ada golongan miskin tegar tanpa air dan elektrik. Bandingkan dengan istana-istana.

Government issues FREE money for themselves and cronies while we the people slave our whole life for pennies. Is this One Malaysia? Kerajaan menghasilkan wang PERCUMA bagi diri dan kroni sedangkan rakyat bekerja bermati-matian untuk sesuap nasi. Inikah Satu Malaysia?

One Malaysia means EVERY Malaysian is equal. One Malaysia means NO race, religion*, class, status, money, politics, money politics, money-related crime, poverty.

* God exists. God is NOT religion. Religion is invented by governments and cronies to divide and rule the people, so people keep fighting among themselves for their own so-called god and can never unite to stand against governments and cronies.

Satu Malaysia bererti SETIAP warga Malaysia sama rata. Satu Malaysia bererti TIADA kaum, agama*, kelas, status, wang, politik, politik wang, jenayah dek wang, kemiskinan.

* Tuhan wujud. Tuhan BUKAN agama. Agama dicipta oleh kerajaan dan kroni untuk memecah-belah dan memerintah rakyat, agar rakyat sentiasa berbalah sesama sendiri demi tuhan masing-masing dan tak akan bersatu-padu menentang kerajaan dan kroni.

Malaysia without money? Yes, only when Malaysia exists without money, can One Malaysia exist. Technology in Malaysia alone can automate everything. Machines produce everything freely so everything is free. Since everything is free, we no longer need money in Malaysia. Government can give FREE money to every Malaysian to go overseas.

Malaysia tanpa wang? Ya, hanya apabila Malaysia wujud tanpa wang, barulah Satu Malaysia wujud. Teknologi di Malaysia sahaja boleh mengautomasi segalanya. Mesin menghasilkan segala dengan percuma. Sebab semuanya percuma, kita tidak perlu wang di Malaysia. Kerajaan boleh beri wang PERCUMA bagi setiap rakyat untuk ke luar negara.