Common People of the World, Let Us All Rise and Outlaw Money

I’m calling on your wisdom. Study everything with your mind and heart open. Laugh if you want. Scoff if you wish. You and I are entrapped in this world capitalist system but we will join minds and actions to stop this evil for ever. We need only a decade to build Paradise Planet.

What you’re about to learn as a common people is the most powerful truth you’ll ever learn in your lifetime. Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge is wisdom. God is wisdom. I’m sharing this with you freely so you’ll do the same and spread the word fast. It’s high time we cooperated to build Paradise Planet.

* Capitalist Pyramid
* Money from Nothing
* Real God, Fake Religions
* Steal All, Kill All
* Solution – Paradise Planet

It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
Henry Ford
Founder of Ford Motor Company

Here's your lifetime chance to UnSecret
· The Deceptions of Holy Books
· The Evil of Organized Religions
· The World's Richest Bankers
· The Planned Genocide of Mankind
· The Path to Paradise Planet
The truth shall stun you!

Capitalist PyramidCapitalist pyramid serves the interests of the ruling capitalists – the Vatican and its secret societies like Freemasons and Illuminati; royalties, governments and cronies. The Vatican used temples as banks millennia ago. They have since ruled the world in shadow.

False religions? GOD = Genius Of Design exists but there’s no such thing as religion. The planet ruler of the ruling capitalists – the Vatican – invented religion too, pretending to serve God. All religions are man-made and false. The Vatican invented religion to subdue and condition the common people to obey and accept their fate.
The United States of America is merely a pawn on the Vatican and cohorts' chessboard to ultimately rule the entire world. Ever wondered why Titanic sank or rather why sank Titanic? The Vatican invited the then world’s richest people John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and many others who opposed to creation of the US Federal Reserve System (Fed) on board Titanic and sank the ship. [President JF Kennedy was assassinated trying to end the Fed.]

Governments act as administrative middlemen between the ruling capitalists and the tiers underneath it, particularly the common people and workers.

The constitution, police and militaries’ real role is not to protect the common people but to empower and protect the ruling capitalists and their private wealth and property from the common people.

In the next tier below is what I call the profiteers who use your labor and profit from it.

Finally, at the bottom of the capitalist pyramid is you – the common people – who work hard all your lives for money while the ruling capitalists only need to create unlimited physical money or electronic money from nothing.
Unlimited FREE MONEY
Money is a tool the ruling capitalists use to control and oppress the common people. A national central bank such as the US Federal Reserve System or the Fed is a private company. The Fed prints money, lends to the government and charges the government interest! This means every dollar the government borrows from the Fed, the government owes the Fed a dollar plus interest. For the past century, the government collaborating with the Fed, has conned and robbed from the common people.

Who owns the Fed – the 12 Federal Reserve Banks?
The ten major shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank System:
Rothschild of London, Rothschild of Berlin, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Seiff of Italy, Kuhn-Loeb Company of Germany, Warburg of Hamburg, Warburg of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Goldman Sachs of New York, Rockefeller of New York.

The balance of stock is owned by elite bankers and corporate cabals like Duponts, Fords, Morgans, Reynolds etc.

The House Of Rothschild is the banker and key guardian of the Vatican Treasury (Wealth) under the Black Papacy “The Jesuit Superior General”.

This means the government has been feeding these Fed people trillions of dollars for the past century! The government and cronies get to spend free money anyway. Having printed and circulated enough physical money in the market for self-sustenance, these banks now don’t even need to print physical money, just create accounting entries and electronic money appears.

The people then borrow money from banks. Banks never actually lend any money but borrowers have to pay banks interest for use of the money. The Fed allows commercial banks to issue up to 33 times more electronic money via fractional reserve banking. So banks race to lend money because every dollar they lend, they get to create up to $33 from nothing. Every dollar we have, up to $33 is artificial flooding the economy, created freely by banks.

When more artificial money supply chases products and services, prices increase leading to higher inflation. The ruling capitalists can then easily withdraw physical money from the monetary system to create artificial money scarcity to form economic recession.

Capitalists dictate all markets’ volatility. Capitalists manipulate numbers, be it money, capital, commodity or real estate, so they can profit from the price difference. We usually buy low and sell high. In futures markets and financial contracts, capitalists short sell - first sell high without physically owning anything, crash the markets and then buy back low when markets dip or crash.

So either way the markets go, up, down or upside down, capitalists still make billions. Wonder why oil prices spike and slide like crazy? Capitalists create volatility to pocket the price differences.

If the capitalists profit billions and trillions, then who pays the price? The common people, the workers pay higher and higher prices of goods and services while governments bail out cronies at the expense of the people, the working mass, the tax-payers’ money.

Ruling capitalists ensure the common people and workers are forever oppressed in earning livelihood while ruling capitalists themselves simply need to print or create money without limit; inflation or not.
Real God, Fake Religions
God the power of universal laws exists. Now, do not confuse God with religion. God is NOT religion. GOD is Genius Of Design. Our universe is designed in such a precision without a flaw that would render it in a total chaos. Look at a single cell with all information encoded into its DNA. No one can explain the countless wonders of the universe. There is a Creator, a Super Intelligence, a Genius Of Design or GOD in short.

Religions are man-made. Religions worship their own so-called gods. Ruling capitalists want power and profit. So they invented religions in order that the people submit to their gods – are conditioned to be obedient and submissive – indirectly obey and submit to the ruling capitalists. If the people refuse to obey, the ruling capitalists order the police and militaries to subdue, imprison or destroy the people.

Ruling capitalists invented fake religions so that the people elusively fight for the sake of their own so-called god and religion. When the people fight, they disunite. When the people disunite, this makes it easier for the ruling capitalists to rule over the people. Don’t we ever realize God doesn’t want Her people to break apart in Her name!

Religions teach us to seek rewards in the hereafter. Heaven and hell are right here, right now on Earth, not hereafter. You don’t have to go to hell to suffer. The people are already starving, suffering and in despair.

The ruling capitalists divide the people into religion and race so the people will never unite and stand up against the ruling capitalists. The ruling capitalists’ objective is to divide and rule the common people for money, power and sex.
Steal All, Kill All

Look at this poor kid. This has been happening throughout the millennia. See those insects devouring this child? At other times, vultures prey on dying children like him as these children scavenge for food leftovers at dumpsites. Why on earth can this be happening? We can blame their parents for fucking without having financial capacity to rear children. In this capitalist system, money and wealth creation and distribution imbalances cause mass poverty which is intended by the ruling capitalists.

If you were this kid, you’d likely rather kill yourself. This is what the ruling capitalists aim to do. Kill by silent death! The ruling capitalists have stolen trillions through the Federal Reserve System. They fix prices of all commodities, from fuel to food. They have been stealing natural resources to provide for themselves and also profit from these free resources.

With the current world population standing at 6.7 billion and escalating, the ruling capitalists are now plotting mankind genocide to at least half the population and eventually reduce the population to 1 billion. Don’t you ever know the ruling capitalists plan economic recessions to starve the common people to death? The ruling capitalists organize wars and economic recessions to kill as many common people aka useless eaters as possible.

World Wars 1 and 2 killed more than 70 million people. The ruling capitalists who supplied arms pocketed $2.3 trillion [adjusted for 1990 dollar values] in taxpayers’ dollars from the common people’s toil.

You see, the more money the government borrows from the Fed and spends on wars or anything, the more money the Fed makes. Government bailouts pump billions and trillions into this already freaking rich corrupt ruling capitalists who control nearly all of the world’s wealth, and is now leaving the US with $10.6 trillion national debt, increasing by $3.8 billion a day. This debt will never ever get repaid unless …

Solution – Paradise Planet
… we abolish the Federal Reserve System and demonetize the world. What? A world without money? Laugh all you want. Scoff all you want. Look here, we have all the resources to explore outer space but we cannot solve world problems? What bullshit! If the existence of money solves mankind problems, why are the common people suffering? Because the ruling capitalists plan it this way!

The ruling capitalists stemming from the Fed – the world’s greatest fraud – steal everything from the world’s rich and free resources and the hard-working common people who obediently pay taxes. The ruling capitalists profit at the expense of our planet’s environment and the common people’s well-being.

Now in a world without money, the corrupt ruling capitalists who invented money and religions to divide and rule the common people for personal power and profit can no longer money-pulate the world through organized wars, terrorism, genocide and economic recessions.

The ruling capitalists have enslaved the common people for millennia. The common people have been nothing more than human robots working day in day out. It’s time common people became real humans, not robots. Let real robots produce, maintain and distribute everything. We the real humans “enslave” and manage the real robots.

Harvest algae as the most readily available, cleanest and highest-yield biofuel energy. Let real robots farm organic crops and breed organic meats. To avoid wastage and hoarding of output during this transitional phase, adopt a simple system of 24 daily non-cumulative points which we exchange for free products and services. We will do away with this point system once people become settled down.

Deep in our hearts, we know money is the root of all evil, deceptions and hypocrisy. We fight and kill because of money. We waste so much resources – time, effort, output – to maintain money and all money-related systems. Without money, we channel time, effort and input into automation and making real robots to produce free food, shelter and renewable energy.

We now have the technologies to automate and robotize the world. It’s time the common people stood firm in wisdom and courage to denounce the deceptions of all man-made money, religions and politics that oppress the common people. We can use our free time to enrich artistically, scientifically and spiritually toward continuous progress of mankind.

Yes, a world without money where we all cooperate; contribute and share all resources to make this planet our real home. A world without money, status, politics, royalty, government, religion, race, class, money politics, money crimes, fear, hunger and despair. We needn’t fight anymore for God, religion or race because all things belong to God. This is wisdom.

Only without money will our Earth be a true Paradise for everyone is equal. Together we as the human species, in the name of humanity, can build a true Paradise we all dearly dream of, and we can achieve this within ten years. Paradise is not hereafter. Paradise is here. This is our choice. This is wisdom. This is God’s wisdom!

The day the corrupt few invented money and religion to divide and rule humanity; have since gone on to organize pandemic, wars, terrorism, genocide and economic recessions; these crimes on humanity deny us life and freedom.
The common people of the world, let us all rise peacefully to outlaw money, demand that the ruling capitalists robotize the world with real robots and build Paradise Planet by 2018 starting right now! The common people demand a quarterly timeline for each transition level to Paradise Planet.


Free Google Ads said...

We'd all live much more abundantly if the world didn't operate on money.

Act Now! said...

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in the goodness of humankind.
But u have no idea what the evil elites have been doing.
From climate manufacturing, genetic engineering, nanotech to robotism.
They have access to FREE self-sustainable moneyless lifestyle via FREE geothermal energy and FREE algae fuel while common people pay for everything.
When the elites sank Titanic and assassinated JF Kennedy to control the Fed to issue FREE money, their vision has been to kill common people by staging pandemic, genocide, war and economic recession.
You thought I was great being a top student. I felt hopeless. If there were one thing I could do, trust me, it would be to reincarnate as a lethal virus to humble these elites.

Missyve said...


Heaven on earth is impossible. Humans are selfish and evil in nature, how can we completely obsolete the use of money?!?

This is all too much for me.