Outlaw money now and TVP will actualize in no time

The superclass [I mean to say the inhumane members of this class. There are of course good elites too] see themselves as rightful heirs of the planet, and us useless eaters of the earth’s resources. They have for eons perpetuated humankind genocide via war, pandemic, drug, food, water etc, manufactured climate and ‘natural’ disasters and engineered economic recession / depression. The superclass technologies are at least 50 years advanced ie they could have easily realized The Venus Project (TVP) even when man first landed on the moon but why the delay? Their Blue Beam Project can pulverize anyone and anything at pinpoint satellite precision using frequencies ie they can select who and what to stay and perish. They have blueprint to all trigger events and collective responses.

Obviously, our only inevitable choice now is a bloodless coup toward TVP. TVP needs mega financing. I’m all for TVP but my concern is TVP will actualize for the superclass and their chosen 500 million population. Outlawing money now will fast-track the TVP actualization. Of course, the superclass anticipates the eventual money obsolesce. Money always returns to its zero intrinsic value. Tent cities are mushrooming in contrast of escalating vacant real estates. This is absurd and inhumane! 

My next concern is we are long due for the Earth’s polar shift. Well, Genius Of Design’s (GOD) will. Having said this, every good human wants TVP to actualize for every human being, not just for the superclass. Personally, I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve TVP. I’ll do whatever is right regardless if it’s safe or dangerous. Outlaw money now and TVP will realize in no time!

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