Sick of your job?
Sick of your life?
Sick of this sick world?

The time is NOW.
Demand Naturalism from your leaders!
Demand Paradise Planet in 10 years!

Corrupt System of Money, Politics, Religion and Artificial Scarcity
1. Governments and bankers create money from nothing but you work all your life doing things you would rather not do.
2. Governments condition you with false promise of heaven and fear of hell. Governments create money, religion and race to divide and rule you.
3. It’s all about money at the expense of your welfare and the Earth’s wellbeing – money crime, war profiteering, pollution, waste, corruption, drugs.

Now compare with World Without Money
Naturalism – Moneyless System of Science, Technology, Automation and Abundance
1. We harness FREE clean energy – atmospheric, geothermal, algae.
2. We farm FREE food – organic crops and breed organic meat with all-in-one research, production and distribution centers nationwide, then worldwide.
3. We build FREE shelter, FREE transportation.
4. We are FREE to achieve self-actualization in art, science, technology, sport and naturalism.
5. With Naturalism, the only crimes that still exist are likely sex, ego and jealousy. Send criminals to a remote island to learn respect and cooperation.

Utmost Urgency
1. The Earth has begun to self-destruct due to our greed.
2. Outlaw money now. Implement Naturalism now before it’s too late.
3. The world can be Paradise in 10 years or less once we outlaw money.

Laugh. Scoff. But here’s wisdom!

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