World Without Money

Let's begin by thinking for a moment.
If money brings peace, why is there war?
If money brings prosperity, why is there poverty?
If money brings happiness, why is there suffering?
If money brings progression, why is there recession?
If money brings solutions, why are there so many problems?
The Vatican and cohorts invented banking to ultimately rule the world for personal power and profit. These are whys.

Now, in a world without money, we each contribute say 1000 hours a year toward production of free food and free shelter. We farm organic crops. We breed organic meat. We produce every snack imaginable. We have an all-in-one research, production and distribution centre in each locality of say 1 million people. We harvest free algae as free biofuel. We optimize free geothermal as free energy. We can even build robots to do the dirty work for us for free. Hoard all the free food you want. How much can you hoard when you can always come back tomorrow for more free food?

Now that there is no money, we have zero money crime, zero poverty, zero money politics. With all the free time we have, we can produce everything artistically and scientifically possible. Only then shall we live life to the fullest, to the highest human potential. Isn't this what our Creator intended us to be? Weren't we all born free? Doesn't each of us deserve to live freely as our birthright?

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